our Structure



The company's headquarters are located in Ravenna, in the Bassette Sud area, close to the petrochemical plant, on an area of 1.500 m², of which 487 m² are covered and 1.200 m² uncovered for storage, handling and testing of materials.

The building has three industrial reinforced concrete X-ray bunkers authorized for gamma sources of Ir-192 and Se-75 with energy up to 80 Ci and X-ray equipment with energy up to 300 kV. All bunkers are equipped with access maze and security system.

Bunker n. 1: internal size are 5,00 x 9,00 x 5,00 m height, equipped with a 30kN overhead crane to handle pieces to be x-rayed. Door dimensions 3,50 x 4,00 m high.

Bunker n. 2: internal size 3,65 x 3,80 x 3,30 m height, equipped with 10 kN hoist for moving the pieces. Door dimensions 2,40 x 3,30 m high.

Bunker n. 3: internal size 3,90 x 5,30 x 3,30 m height, equipped with 10 kN hoist for handling the pieces. Door dimensions 2,85 x 3,30 m high.

Lifting means: with a capacity of 40 kN and trolley on rail with a capacity of 130 kN to introduce the pieces directly inside the bunker n. 1.

The technical and administrative offices are equipped with PC stations all connected to the network, there is a meeting room and a workstation for external staff who supervise the work.